[Can I eat dumplings for weight loss]_Dumplings_Can you

[Can I eat dumplings for weight loss]_Dumplings_Can you

The common habit of friends who lose weight is to start checking the calories of this thing every time they eat something, and pay attention to whether eating this thing will be fat, which is beneficial to weight loss.

Some friends will even ask questions online, such as “Can I eat dumplings to lose weight?”

“In fact, eating dumplings is not conducive to weight loss. Let’s take a look at why friends who lose weight ca n’t eat dumplings.

First, the necessary factors for weight loss foods1.

The ratio of the energy contained in this food to its satiety, in the case of being able to eat satisfactorily, and being overweight and not obese quickly, the lower the energy contained, then the effect of this food on weight loss is relatively uniform.Field a little.


Consider the richness of this food’s other nutrients besides energy.

The lower the energy and the content of other nutrients, the better this food is for weight loss.

Second, the composition and problems of dumplings Dumplings are mainly composed of two parts, one is the dumpling skin, and the other is the dumpling stuffing.

No matter how you change it, the main body of dumpling skin is definitely noodles, and it is what we commonly call dead noodles.

Rice noodles are typical refined grains. They are typical foods with low satiety and high energy.

Speaking of dumpling stuffing, this is okay. Put some low-energy dumplings with vegetables and seafood.

However, there are also many problems. Sometimes the taste is not the same as adding a lot of oil, or proper fat dumplings.

Another thing that cannot be ignored is that during the process of making dumplings, the vegetables are usually chopped into special pieces. During this process, part of the expenditure fiber is destroyed, and the loss of the dumplings reduces the belly feel of the dumplings.We eat more to feel full.

In fact, this is not a simple dumpling problem. It is a problem for all other fillings.

Therefore, stuffed foods are not suitable unless we add some unconventional natural foods, some xylose, and some arabinose, which are both special substances that increase the belly feel and affect normal energy absorption.As a diet food, dumplings have the effect of losing weight.