[Efficacy of Panax notoginseng Dendrobium powder]_action_benefit Panax notoginseng powder is a very good Chinese medicinal material. It has the functions of preventing and treating beauty, freckle, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease and so on. The use of Panax notoginseng powder alone is not the best. The useContinue Reading

[Homemade Summer Desserts]_How to Make_How to Make In summer, the weather is relatively hot, and many people will have poor appetite. At this time, you should eat foods that can promote appetite and digestion, eat some foods that have a good heat-reducing effect, and some summer desserts.It tastes good, givesContinue Reading

Coal Mining (600188): 3Q19 performance fell month-on-month; coal price trend stabilized in the short term Performance review Maintained a neutral 3Q19 performance, a drop from the company’s announced 1-3Q19 results: operating income of 150.6 billion yuan, an increase of 26%, and net profit of 69. 80,000 yuan, corresponding to aContinue Reading

[Where can the river mussel not be eaten]_action_effect Parasites are found in almost all aquatic products, if parasites remain in the body in excess. It is very easy to cause parasitic diseases. At the same time, parasitic diseases have an impact on a person’s whole body. If the parasites swimContinue Reading

[How to make pork chops_How to make pork chops] Pork ribs are a food we are very familiar with. It has high nutritional value and can provide high-quality protein and fatty acids, as well as hemoglobin and organic iron. Pork ribs can also promote iron absorption, which is beneficial forContinue Reading

[There is a certain type of ingredients for men] There are many ingredients for male Dabu. You can come and find out what ingredients there are, usually some medicinal materials, and many ingredients also have Dabu, such as pigeons, quails, black chickens, etc. These are generally soups.You can learn howContinue Reading