[Can’t eat cream with what] When we eat biscuit bread, we are often seduced by the cream. We must know that the cream is artificially produced, so it is commonly called margarine. Although many people are eating this cream, some people have physical health problems.The relationship is not to eatContinue Reading

[Where can the river mussel not be eaten]_action_effect Parasites are found in almost all aquatic products, if parasites remain in the body in excess. It is very easy to cause parasitic diseases. At the same time, parasitic diseases have an impact on a person’s whole body. If the parasites swimContinue Reading

[Bread crumb practice]_ making method _ how to make Presumably, fried foods should be loved by many people, and the reason why fried foods remain hot is not because of the freshness brought by fried foods, but also because of the breadcrumbs wrapped around fried foods.Make fried foods crispy andContinue Reading

[Can durian patients eat durian]_Thyroid disease_Impact Durian is a nutrient-rich fruit. If you eat durian often, it will have many benefits for your health. Patients with hyperthyroidism can eat durian, but it is not suitable to eat more. If you eat more, it will cause lowHyperkalemia patients need to eatContinue Reading

[Can yogurt be spotted]_action_effect There are many types of spots that human traffickers can form, and each spot type has a common feature that it is not easy to remove. Therefore, when you find that you have spots, you will want to use some methods to quickly remove spots. FreckleContinue Reading

[Can I eat carrots during lactation]_Efficacy_Effect Carrots are a very nutritious food. As a home-cooked dish, carrots have the effects of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the liver, reducing fat and sugar. It should be said that carrots are a rare and delicious taste, easy to eat. Eating more daily helpsContinue Reading

[Gastroenteritis eat fungus]_ effect _ effect Fungus is a kind of food that people love in daily life. It has a variety of unique tastes and multiple nutrients. It has a great substitute for people’s health. However, for patients with gastroenteritis, the daily diet needs specialNote that because unhealthy dietContinue Reading

[What milk is good for children]_milk_kids_food taboos Children drinking milk can achieve good calcium and various minerals, especially the nutritional value of drinking pure milk is relatively comprehensive, but it should also be noted that children cannot drink milk on an empty stomach.Appropriate heating one, it is best to drinkContinue Reading

[Blood in semen] Many male patients will have some bloodshot symptoms in their sperm in daily life. He is mainly urology or some common symptoms in andrology, mainly during sexual ejaculation and nocturnal discharge.Red semen, normal semen is milky white, while gray, there is blood red orange red brown redContinue Reading